Can these files be shared?

No – the files are for the use by the licensee only. Forwarding the files to associates for their use, or posting them on the company intranet would be a violation of Copyright laws. Once a license is purchased, the user is free to customize the files for their own use.

Business offers multi-user licenses at a discounted rate. Please contact us for more information about multi-user licenses.

Does a business case eliminate the need for a business plan?

Generally, a business plan is used obtain venture funding and to define long term strategy. Lenders require a variety of specific information, such as a balance sheet or five-year cash flow projections.

Most other business situations and decisions require a business case to reveal the impact, negative or positive, of a proposed action. These include capital investment decisions, new or existing product decisions, special pricing, partnerships or purchasing.

What level of software expertise is required to utilize Business tools?

No expertise is required to use these products. A fundamental part of Business’s mission is to build products that enable anyone to build a business case. Each tool has been crafted to minimize complexity while optimizing results and includes easy-to-understand instructions. The Excel ProForma spreadsheets can be used no matter what level of Excel expertise. However, to make modifications a working knowledge of Excel is recommended. There are no locked or protected cells, allowing maximum flexibility.

Why use Business tools?

There are many reasons to utilize these products. Each tool was developed based on extensive real-world experience inside corporate America. If the outcome of just a single decision is improved, the tool will have paid for itself many times over, and each product is simplicity personified, users realize savings in time and effort. Business’s specialized tools will glean the user vital credibility within their organization by allowing them to put together a thorough business case and compelling justification presentation.

Who can benefit from Business’s decision-making tools?

Anyone who needs to create a business case, an ROI analysis, or profitability analysis. These include professionals from Product Management, Product Development, Sales, Finance, Operations, Marketing, and Purchasing, as well as small business owners, and entrepreneurs.

Is my credit card protected?

Absolutely. We utilized Paypal, the largest and most secure processor on the internet. This is the same online credit card processor used by large online stores as and many others.

What is your money back guarantee?

We stand behind our products. If you are not satisfied for any reason, simply contact us within 30 days of purchased and we will issue a full refund back onto your credit card within one business day.

What if there are problems downloading the products?

Contact Business via phone at 888-588-3184or send an e-mail to, your files will be sent immediately.

How are Business’s tools downloaded?

After purchasing online with your credit card, via our secure processor Paypal, you will be directed a page where you can download the files immediately.

What software applications are required to run these tools?

All of Business’s decision-making tools run on the applications you already use for your business:

For the ProForma spreadsheets, Microsoft Excel® or a spreadsheet application capable of running Excel documents.
For Present The Case, Microsoft PowerPoint ®.
For all other documents, Microsoft Word ® .
Works on Office for Macinstosh
Adobe Acrobat Reader