Real Estate ProFormas CaseBuilder™


  • Get 4 Real Estate ProFormas for 1 low price!
  • Excel spreadsheats, no special software
  • Simple inputs, no macros or locked cells



Product Description

Pro Forma Real Estate Templates

Real Estate ProForma CaseBuilder™ provides you a set of Pro Forma Real Estate templates that allow you to create your own professional Pro Forma financial statements – the easy way. You don’t need a degree in finance and you won’t have to spend endless hours creating your own tools. With our Pro Formas you won’t waste a single minute. Just input your numbers in the blue areas and the EXCEL spreadsheet does the rest! It’s that easy!

You Can Download All Six Files Right Now.

  • ProForma Template: Income Producing Real Estate

    Provides detailed analysis of a single income producing property. The spreadsheet displays analysis by year and calculates outputs including: cash flow projections by year, operating income, net income, internal rate of return (IRR), and numerous ratios. A monthly and annual loan amortization table are also included.. The Glossary contains explanations of all terms and outputs.

  • ProForma Template: Land Development

    Cash Flow projection specifically for land development and sale/rental of finished units. Monthly inputs and annual summary. Includes line of credit, monthly cash balances and profit by unit.

  • ProForma Template: Property Flippper

    Specifically built to analyze holding a property for a short period of time. Annualized return automatically updates by changing the number of months property will be held.

  • ProForma Template: Multi-Property Cash Flow

    Use this template to project and track cash flows for up to 25 different properties. Quickly and easily view any subset of properties to determine their future cash flows and track historic results and allows you to show the effects of re-financing individual properties.

  • Real Estate Business Case Outline

    Specifically tailored to preparing a real estate business case, utilize this outline to prepare a concise written plan to support your investment.

  • Loan Amortization and Refinance Spreadsheets

    Standard Mortgage Loan Calculator – Compare loan 3 scenarios at a glance, calculates loans up to 30 years with detailed annual and monthly amortization schedules for each scenario. Simply input term, interest rate, loan amount.

    Refinance Mortgage Loan Calculator – Compare refinance scenarios to existing loan, compares monthly payment, interest totals, payment totals. Calculates loans up to 30 years and provides detailed annual and monthly amortization schedules for each scenario. Automatically calculates remaining principle and interest of existing loan.


For only $79.95, it’s the smartest investment you can make in your business. And if you’re not satisfied for any reason, simply email us and we will refund your money. No questions asked. With our no-risk, 30-day money-back guarantee you’ve got nothing to lose!


6 Reasons to Choose CaseBuilder Real Estate Pro Formas

1. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Preparing Pro Forma spreadsheets from scratch takes hours or days, even if you’ve done it before. But why bother? Our no-hassle Real Estate Pro Forma templates save you the time and effort. And you can use them again and again.

2. You can select the version that meet your needs. Whether you’re a novice or expert at Pro Forma preparation, you’ll get a version to suit your needs — whether Income Portery Purchase, Land Development, or Property Flipper.

3. You can customize the templates with ease. Because there are no locked cells, CaseBuilder Pro Forma templates can be easily customized and adapted to your situation. Insert, delete or rearrange rows and data as you see fit. The result is a relevant analysis that speaks to your specific business.

4. You don’t need a finance degree to use them. We’ve taken the drudgery out of Pro Forma analysis. You simply input your numbers and the spreadsheet does the rest! Even non-finance managers can easily create and understand the report.

5. You’ll look like a professional. With CaseBuilder Real Estate Pro Formas you can count on a solid analysis that’s pleasing to the eye. What’s more, we’ve formatted the worksheet for easy reading and clear interpretation.

6. You can’t make a smarter investment in your business. At only $79.95, CaseBuilder Real Estate Pro Formas pays for itself in the first hour. And if you’re not satisfied, we offer a no-risk, 30 day money-back guarantee.

No-risk, 30-day money back guarantee If you’re not satisfied for any reason, just email us and we’ll refund your money. No questions asked.