Term Sheet Template


Our Term Sheet Template will help you facilitate negotiations.


Product Description

Our Term Sheet Template allows you to outline business terms, facilitate negotiations, and reach an agreement in a more efficient manner and timeline.

Why use a Term Sheet Template?

  • To keep terms simple as you negotiate a more complex contract.
  • To ensure both parties are serious about entering into an agreement.
  • To officially enter into a formal negotiation between two parties.
  • To focus on the core aspects of the deal.
  • To identify and address any potential “deal breakers” in the early stages of a negotiation.
  • To outline the key elements of the deal prior to drafting a contract.
  • To protect both parties in the unfortunate event that an contract agreement is not reached.

A term sheet can act as a roadmap for any negotiation. It is a tool that ensures forward movement is made in a timely manner. It is useful as a sales management tool in evaluating the stage of a deal and will result in more accurate sales reporting in the long term.

Do not make the mistake of negotiating business terms buried in draft contract language. Both parties put themselves and the deal at risk when negotiating terms in the late stages of the process. Using our Term Sheet Template to get the ball rolling will save you and your legal team valuable time.

Our Term Sheet Template covers all the main categories and can be customized to your needs. A great time saver and developed based on real world negotiations.

  • Save Time
  • Impress Your Customer
  • Create Efficiency
  • Illustrate your Commitment
  • And Get results!

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