Custom Tool Development

Our team can develop easy-to-use ROI Calculators & Spreadsheets to support any business application.

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Business Case & Business Plan

Our experienced team can build a compelling business case or a business plan for your project or organization.

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Research & Pricing Assistance

Our team can help you with expert level pricing development and market & competitive research.

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If you need assistance with a business case, business plan, proforma, Excel spreadsheet development, pricing, or custom research, we can help. Our straightforward and pragmatic approach, coupled with years of experience, provide you with a unique resource to accomplish your objective.

Please Contact us at or 888-588-3184 for a free initial consultation.

Business Case Services

Our team of experienced professionals provide a full suite of business case services including:

Custom Online ROI Calculators

If you are looking to develop an online ROI calculator to use as a sales or pre-sales tool, we can help! Many websites now offer the ability for potential customers to use an ROI calculator in order to determine return on investment. This can be a powerful sales tool. Given our expertise in ROI methodologies, as well as developing online applications, we are the perfect fit.

Custom Spreadsheet Development (Starting at $250)

We have expertise in creating Microsoft Excel custom spreadsheets for any type of analysis. Our methodology focuses on creating spreadsheets which are very easy to read and to use, regardless of the underlying complexity of the analysis. Get Microsoft Excel help from an Excel expert! Learn More »

Business Case or Business Plan (Starting at $500) can create or edit your existing business case or business plan. Let us put our expertise and experience to work for you. This service provides a custom written plan, and does not utilize any canned language. Financials are also included.

Pricing Assistance (Hourly or Project)

A pricing expert is a valuable resource for any organization. Whether its pricing model development, pricing strategy, market pricing research, or review of your current pricing practices, we can help! Our expertise in this area can ensure that you price to optimize revenue, margin, and market share. Learn More »

Custom Research (Hourly or Project)

Let us perform market or internet research for you. Often times business decisions depend on research, and we know how to do it. Small projects are welcome.